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BRONZclay 100g
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Price: $23.50

BRONZclay 100g

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(BZ-001) Metal Adventures presents BRONZclay 100g
. Requires coconut carbon (HA-007) and stainless steel firing pan (BZ-003 or BZ-008). Must be kiln fired!

To Fire Bronzclay in your electric, digitally programmable kiln:
1. Spread 1" of activated coconut carbon granules on the bottom of the stainless steel firing container.
2. Place the piece on top of the layer; if firing 2 or more, leave 1/2" between pieces, more if pieces are large.
3. Pour more activated carbon granules on top of the pieces until the container is full, making sure there is a 1/2" layer of granules on top of the pieces until the container is full, making sure there is at least 1/2" of space between the vertical layers as well.
4. Cover with slotted stainless steel lid (or offset your solid lid to create a gap) and set it in the kiln on stilts to allow good heat circulation.
5. Ramp kiln at full speed to 1525ºF/830ºC and hold for 2 hours.

Note:After firing, a residue will be left on the fired pieces. This residue is easy to remove by brushing under running water, and must be washed off prior to finishing. If you fire a piece in coal carbon it will become discolored. Be sure to only use activated coconut carbon.

TIP: Because kilns vary, we recommend test firing a piece of fire BRONZclay before firing good/finished pieces. The test piece should be at least 1.5" x 0.5" x 4 cards thick (1.0mm) at 1525ºF/830ºC (the recommended temperature). If the test piece blisters, lower the temperature to 1500ºF/816ºC. If the test piece breakes when you try to bend it, raise the temperature to 1550ºF/843ºC. All temperatures require a 2 hour hold time.

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