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Pam East's PreNamel™ Metal Cleaner - 6 oz.
Pam East's PreNamel&#8482 Metal Cleaner - 6 oz.

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(Item # E-123) Pam East's PreNamel™

Enamel may not adhere to a surface that has not been properly cleaned, or it may pop off after firing. Before beginning to enamel, it is vitally important that the metal be clean and free of all oxides, oils, dust, soaps or other contaminants. PreNamel™ ensures the metal is ready for enameling and works well on both copper and silver. PreNamel is also terrific for removing fire-scale from copper between enamel firings!
PreNamel™ is non-toxic, however it is acidic, so wear gloves when using it to protect your hands.


Materials Needed:
  • PreNamel™
  • Hot Water
  • Toothbrush and/or green scrubber
  • Vinyl gloves

    1) Wear Vinyl gloves.
    2) Wet the piece in hot water.
    3) Shake a generous amount PreNamel™ onto the piece.
    4) Use an inexpensive toothbrush or green scour pad to scrub scrub the piece, front and back.
    5) Rinse throughly, removing all traces of PreNamel™ from the piece. The water should sheet on the metal rather than beading up. If it is still beading, repeat steps 1-5.

    When not in use, store tightly closed jar of unused Pre-Namel™ in a cool and DRY place.

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