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Linda Stiles Smith
Art Clay Senior Instructor

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Studio: Contact Information:

P.O. Box 41103
Dayton, OH 45441

Phone: (937) 433-6249
Art Clay Classes Offered:Areas of Specialty:
  • Introductory
  • Specialty
  • Painting & Drawing
  • Printmaking
  • Beading
  • Marketing

I´ve always been creating artistic things. I can´t remember a time I haven´t been drawing and coloring, cutting and pasting, in whatever form was my current interest. Although I earned my BFA in painting (still a loved creative endeavor) I have always been drawn to making three dimensional things with my hands; something more functional than a painting but no less beautiful. Once I began working with metal clay I became engrossed in the creativity of molding and sculpting and painting with it. Yes, painting and manipulating the clay with a brush! The magic that transforms this malleable material into a hard metal seems to hearken back to an era of wizards and wonder. I feel it is therefore highly appropriate that the theme of my work is trees and nature. There seems to be an energy from the ancient Druids pulsing thru me that calls my work to life. I have witnessed this vibrations reach out to others as they experience the art I´ve created. I am compelled to continue to make art that others find meaningful and speaks to them. I believe that the images I create in metal clay jewelry could not be done any other way. This in itself makes the jewelry special. All of this fuels my creativity as I attempt to balance production with discovery. As I move forward in my work with metal clay I hope to carve a niche in the jewelry world that elevates the art of jewelry making above the craft of making it. Both are intertwined, but in the end it is the artistic esthetic that makes any piece a treasured possession. I am gratified that others already feel this about my work. This response propels me to keep creating.
Artist Philosophy: 

"Bottled up creative energy is a great source of stress in life. When it is not released into the outer world, it builds up within, generating anxiety and restlessness. We cannot know inner peace until we develop our own channels for creative release." This quote propelled me onto my current path. Use it to get you going. Then strive to create the best you can. There is always more to learn; there is always someone to teach. Enjoy the journey!

  • BFA Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio (1995)
  • Yale Summer School of Art Fellowship Award Winner (1995)
  • Emerging Arts Leader Scholarship, Ohio Arts Council Conference (2000)

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