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Why become a Certified Art Clay Instructor?

There are many reasons why artists choose to become a Certified Art Clay Instructor. Some want the endorsement of a curriculum-bearing organization; some are intrinsically driven to get the accreditation of the manufacturing company before they begin teaching it to others; some simply want a better discount on the products they wish to purchase. Many artists prefer to be Certified in each of the silver clay brands. Whatever the reason, becoming an Art Clay Instructor is an event well worth your time and investment. Once certified, you will continue to receive endorsement and support from Art Clay World, USA should you choose to begin teaching others about Art Clay Silver and Copper.

Who qualifies for Art Clay Certification?

All artists have the ability to become Art Clay Certified. However, Certification courses are not intended as intensive introductions to Art Clay. By the time someone chooses to register for Art Clay Level 1 Certification, they should already have basic metal clay skills. It is understandable that not everyone would have access to an Art Clay Instructor in their home area, so requiring previous Art Clay workshops is not a reasonable prerequisite for Certification. However, it is essential that the artist is already comfortable handling, refining, and firing Art Clay Silver. Certification students should be able to roll and texture flat metal clay; they should be able to create and form a ring band around a mandrel without extensive cracking; they should be able to capture a gemstone successfully within metal clay.

Consider working with metal clay similar to learning to play the piano. At first, a student will count the lines on the page of music, then look at their hands to make sure they’re reaching for the right key. After practice, a piano player feels exactly how far to reach, and recognizes the notes without double-checking themselves. In time, piano players have the muscle memory for how far to reach and how hard to press the keys to create the intended music. Metal clay also requires a certain amount of muscle memory. Certification students should have the personal experience already to know how to handle the wet clay, how to refine dry clay and handle so as to avoid breakage, and basically how to fix pieces that are damaged before or during firing.

Art Clay Instructor Benefits, at all levels:

  • Industry-leading discounts on Art Clay brand products
  • Preferred pricing on nearly all products sold by Art Clay World USA, Inc.
  • Ability and encouragement to teach Art Clay workshops, setting own schedule and fees
  • Support for Instruction, including assistance creating student handouts
  • Qualification to attend Art Clay Instructor Intensives, unique skill-ups for actively teaching artisans
  • Personalized marketing materials can be made for individual Instructors, featuring their contact information and images of their artwork
  • Support should any Instructor consider writing an Art Clay technique article for any industry publication
  • Possible sponsorship for group Art Clay events

If you would like to become an Art Clay Certified Instructor, please give us a call to set up a certification class for you! Classes can be run at almost any time you would like.