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Alphabetical list of actively teaching Art Clay™ Instructors in North America:Art Clay World Instructor Calendar

The following is the list of actively teaching Art Clay™ Instructors located in North America. Clicking on " Link" will take you to the Instructor Artist Page on the Art Clay World website. If you would like to be on this list and are an actively teaching Art Clay Instructor email us at

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This list last updated January 30, 2018

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First Name
Last Name
State /
Patricia Accorinti Senior Yes San Jose CA U.S.A.
Marilynn Audain-Liddell Level One NA Homewood IL U.S.A.
Melody Barr Level One NA Niantic CT U.S.A.
Amy Barrett Level One NA West Chester OH U.S.A.
Katie Baum* Master Yes Oak Lawn IL U.S.A.
Lorrene Baum-Davis Senior Yes Placerville CA U.S.A.
Paula Beckett Senior Yes Plano TX U.S.A.
Jen Bethmann Senior Yes Normal IL U.S.A.
Cindy Biergiel Level One NA Rocklin CA U.S.A.
Diane Bird Senior Yes Foxboro MA U.S.A.
Anne Bivens Senior No Columbia SC U.S.A.
Elaine Block Level One NA Aurora IL U.S.A.
Sarah Bober Level One NA Saint Paul MN U.S.A.
Julie Booras Level One NA Westborough MA U.S.A.
Julie Bottorf Senior Yes Bryson NC U.S.A.
Brandy Boyd Senior Yes Bartlett TN U.S.A.
Lisa Breton Level One NA Manchester NH U.S.A.
Dana Brock Senior Yes McKinney TX U.S.A.
Cynthia Brown Senior No Ft. Lauderdale FL U.S.A.
Shirley Brown Senior Yes Calabasas CA U.S.A.
Georgina Brown-Branch Senior Yes Guelph


Charna Buchbinder Zeller Link Level One NA Lowell MA U.S.A.
Despina Buoncristiani Senior Yes Glendora CA U.S.A.
Cathy Burton Link Senior Yes Prescott Valley AZ U.S.A.
Sandra Callaghan Link Level One NA Palmdale CA U.S.A.
Debra Carus Senior Yes Portland OR U.S.A.
Tina Carvalho Senior No Honolulu HI U.S.A.
Mary Cauthron Level One NA Paris AR U.S.A.
Rosa Celorio Senior Yes Mexico City N/A Mexico
Cynthia Collins Level One NA Waskom TX U.S.A.
Julie Cook Senior Yes Bryson NC U.S.A.
Marilyn Cook Senior Yes Port St. Lucie FL U.S.A.
Yevette Cox-Lowe Senior Yes Canton TX U.S.A.
Douglas Curran Level One NA Plano TX U.S.A.
Lisel Crowley Senior Yes Windsor CT U.S.A.
Judy Darrow Link Senior Yes McKinney TX U.S.A.
Pamela Day Senior Yes Albuquerque NM U.S.A.
Jodi Delahunt Hubbell Senior No Portland OR U.S.A.
Gail DeLuca Level One NA Knoxville TN U.S.A.
Rhonda Denney Senior No Canon City CO U.S.A.
Bernadette Denoux Senior Yes Miami FL U.S.A.
Debbie DiCintio-Lang Senior Yes Warrington PA U.S.A.
Rae Dollard Senior No Springs TX U.S.A.
Margaret Donnelly Level One NA Amhert NH U.S.A.
Shirley Dougherty Senior Yes Flourtown PA U.S.A.
Theresa Drinka Level One NA Madison WI U.S.A.
Gwen Duyao Level One NA Walnut CA U.S.A.
Pam East* Master Yes Johns Creek GA U.S.A.
Charlotte Edwards Senior No Dallas TX U.S.A.
Ruth Ekiert Level One NA Lake Worth FL U.S.A.
Annette Ensing Level One NA Belton TX U.S.A.
Patricia Evans Senior Yes Gilroy CA U.S.A.
Jonna Faulkner Senior No Escondido CA U.S.A.
Barb Feyka Level One NA Westminster CO U.S.A.
Inez Flaugh Senior Yes Fullerton CA U.S.A.
Susie Ford Level One NA Sweet Home OR U.S.A.
Cynthia Framst Level One NA Prince George BC Canada
Louise Framst Level One NA Prince George BC Canada
Diane Garrett Level One NA Freeport FL U.S.A.
Sharon Gillespie Senior Yes Lewisville TX U.S.A.
Marie Gniazdowski Senior Yes East Aurora NY U.S.A.
Jodie Grant Level One NA Chicago IL U.S.A.
Denise Gravano Senior Yes Clovis CA U.S.A.
Cristine Grimm Level One NA Grand Haven MI U.S.A.
Mary Haas Senior Yes Norfolk NE U.S.A.
Amanda Hack Level One NA Hinton AB Canada
Loretta Hackman Senior Yes Sugar Land TX U.S.A.
Barbara Hance Senior Yes Huntingtown MD U.S.A.
Dave Hannum Level One NA Fayetteville GA U.S.A.
Adrinna Hardy Level One NA Amherst Nova Scotia Canada
Faith Harless Level One NA Fort Wayne IN U.S.A.
Krista Hartman-Piechowski Level One NA Berwyn IL USA
Judy Haupin Senior Yes Bel Air MD U.S.A.
Dawn Hemstreet Level One NA Silverton OR U.S.A.
Judi Hendricks Senior Yes Grayslake IL U.S.A.
Wendy Hoffman Senior No Eugene OR U.S.A.
Cynthia Hollins Level One NA Prescott AZ U.S.A.
Yuri Honda Senior No Honolulu HI U.S.A.
Pam Hurst Level One NA Martinsville IN U.S.A.
Linda Jean Senior No Grover Beach CA U.S.A.
Trish Jeffers Zeh Senior Yes Waynesville OH U.S.A.
Brenda Johnson Level One NA Paris TX U.S.A.
Aziz Kahli Link Level One NA Westmount Quebec Canada
Noelle Kara Link Senior Yes Darien IL U.S.A.
Sherry Kennedy Level One NA Gulfport MS U.S.A.
Kaleen Knight Level One NA Stockton UT U.S.A.
Barbie Koncher Level One NA Discovery Bay CA U.S.A.
Jacqueline Kucks Level One NA Jersey City NJ U.S.A.
Helen Kydd Senior Yes Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
Tracy Lai Senior Yes Innisfil/Toronto Ontario Canada
Debra Langdon Level One No Mesa Arizona U.S.A.
Lynn Larkins Link Senior No Ruckersville VA U.S.A.
Pat Lasater Link Senior Yes Fort Worth TX U.S.A.
Evelyn Lee Level One NA Rolling Hills Estates CA U.S.A.
Susan Lokaj Level One NA Deerfield IL U.S.A.
Ute Mannhardt Senior No Victoria BC Canada
Gayle Martens Senior Yes Spicer MN U.S.A.
Sara Matherly Senior Yes Fayetteville NC U.S.A.
Denise Mattson Level One NA Veneta OR U.S.A.
Sabrina Maurer Level One NA Brinkley AK U.S.A.
Gregg Mautz Level One NA Hartland WI U.S.A.
Colleen McGraw Senior No Las Vegas NV U.S.A.
Susanne McEvoy Senior No Pickering ON Canada
Linda McKee Senior No Mabank TX U.S.A.
Linda Michel Link Senior No Reddick IL U.S.A.
Christy Miller Link Senior Yes Chadds Ford PA U.S.A.
Gail Moriarty Senior Yes Nashua NH U.S.A.
Arlene Mornick* Master Yes Berkeley CA U.S.A.
Alcina Nolley Senior Yes Castries St. Lucia West Indies
Warren Norgaard Level One NA Phoenix AZ U.S.A.
Lisa Norman Level One NA Spring TX U.S.A.
Christina Ogata Level One NA Vacaville CA U.S.A.
Nazingah Oniwosan Level One NA Fort Lauderdale FL U.S.A.
Cindy Pankopf* Master Yes Santa Ana CA U.S.A.
Sheryl Parks Level One NA Boise ID U.S.A.
Lisa Pavelka* Link Master Yes Las Vegas NV U.S.A.
Dana Peters* Master Yes Guffey CO U.S.A.
Pattie Phipps Senior Yes San Diego CA U.S.A.
Cheri Platter Level One NA Nashville IN U.S.A.
Teresa Preston Senior Yes Hutchinson KS U.S.A.
Kate Qualley Peterson Senior No Rogers MN U.S.A.
Michele Quattrocchi Senior Yes York PA U.S.A.
Cynthia Quesenberry Senior Yes Suffolk VA U.S.A.
Wendy Quiqley Senior No Sublimity OR U.S.A.
Frances Quirk Senior No Addison IL U.S.A.
Carol Radley Senior No Hendersonville NC U.S.A.
Rachel Radtke Senior No Orland Park IL U.S.A.
Ruth Rainey Senior Yes Freeland WA U.S.A.
Jennifer Raney Senior Yes Troutdale OR U.S.A.
Lyle Rayfield Senior Yes Tucson AZ U.S.A.
Carmen Razo Senior Yes Berkeley IL U.S.A.
Robert Reckers Link Senior Yes Elmhurst IL U.S.A.
Lisa Reilly Level One NA Lake Elsinore CA U.S.A.
Anne Reiss Senior No Vista CA U.S.A.
Marjorie Renno Senior Yes Windsor CT U.S.A.
Julianne Renzema Level One NA Milwaukie OR U.S.A.
Tatiana Riveron Level One NA Miami FL U.S.A.
Robin Roberts Level One NA Ball ground GA U.S.A.
Jocelyne Robertson Senior Yes Terrebonne QC Canada
Sharon Rogow Senior No Las Vegas NV U.S.A.
Karen Rood Level One NA San Diego CA U.S.A.
Julie Rominger Level One NA Manassas VA U.S.A.
Christiane Ross Senior Yes Oak Ridge TN U.S.A.
Ann Rosier Senior Yes San Diego CA U.S.A.
Stan Rosier Senior Yes San Diego CA U.S.A.
Geneva Rufus Level One NA Fayetteville GA U.S.A.
Ann D. Rush Senior Yes Spring TX U.S.A.
JoAnne Ruzzi Senior Yes White Rock BC Canada
Haleh Safavi Senior Yes Montreal QC Canada
Robbie Sanders Senior No White Marsh MD U.S.A.
Hattie Sanderson Senior No Clare IL U.S.A.
Sally Saxton Senior No Ft. Lauderdale FL U.S.A.
Pamela Scesniak Senior No Milwaukee WI U.S.A.
Pamela Schussel Level One NA Mt. Pleasant SC U.S.A.
Katy Scroggins Level One NA Clovis NM U.S.A.
Louise Seguin Senior Yes Saint-Lazare QC Canada
Louise Shadonix Level One NA San Diego CA U.S.A.
Tes Shea Senior Yes Omaha NE U.S.A.
Jewel Simmons Level One NA Myrtle Beach SC U.S.A.
Lis Simpson Level One NA Mt. Albert ON Canada
Cindy Sing Senior Yes Joliet IL U.S.A.
Nancy Slate Lange Senior Yes Melbourne FL U.S.A.
Beverly Smith Senior Yes Gallatin TN U.S.A.
Donna Sneed Level One NA Elizabeth City NC U.S.A.
Karen Squillante Level One NA Port Orange FL U.S.A.
Lana Stamper Link Level One NA Natchez MS U.S.A.
Beth Steinhauer Link Level One NA Gresham OR U.S.A.
Courtenay Stelljes Senior No Sublimity OR U.S.A.
Linda Stiles Smith Senior Yes Dayton OH U.S.A.
Kristi Stone Link Level One NA Redmond OR U.S.A.
Jackie Strobel Link Senior Yes Las Vegas NV U.S.A.
Yukiko Takabatake Senior Yes Irvine CA U.S.A.
Judi Talley Level One NA Knoxville TN U.S.A.
Verona Tang Senior Yes Brea CA U.S.A.
Denise Task Level One NA Beaverton OR U.S.A.
Alex Taylor Senior No Salem OR U.S.A.
Barbara Thomas Senior Yes Clovis CA U.S.A.
Sophia Tink Senior Yes Algonquin Highlands ON Canada
Gale Tomlinson Senior No Bloomington IL U.S.A.
David Trimm Level One NA Visalia CA U.S.A.
Jackie Truty* Master Yes Oak Lawn IL U.S.A.
Gordon Uyehara Senior Yes Honolulu HI U.S.A.
Martha Vaughan Level One No Dallas TX U.S.A.
Silvie Waals Senior Yes Sarasota FL U.S.A.
Susan Wade Level One NA St. John IN U.S.A.
Merlene Walker Level One NA Arlington TX U.S.A.
Kristi Watson Senior Yes Las Vegas NV U.S.A.
Gayle Weatherson Senior No Echo OR U.S.A.
Judi Weers Senior Yes San Antonio TX U.S.A.
Edith White Senior Yes Kingsport TN U.S.A.
Glynna White Senior No Spring TX U.S.A.
Wendell Williams Level One NA Marietta GA U.S.A.
Debra Wojnarowski Senior Yes Lemont IL U.S.A.
Sandra Elizabeth York Level One NA Surrey BC Canada
Donna Yutzy Senior Yes Eugene OR U.S.A.
Sherry Zimmerman Senior Yes Canon City CO U.S.A.