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Syringe Nozzle A - Blue / Small Syringe Nozzle B - Green / Medium Syringe Nozzle C - Gray / Large Flexible Non-Stick Ring Strip
Thumler Rotary Tumbler Stainless Steel Mixed Shape Shot (2lbs) Nature's Touch Balm Underlay Work Surface
Thumler Rotary Tumbler
Our Price: $140.99
Nature's Touch Balm
Our Price: $7.95
Underlay Work Surface
Our Price: $3.75
Craft Knife Plastic Clay Roller Clay Keeper (Large) 4oz capacity Flexible Non-Stick Reuseable Work Surface
Craft Knife
Our Price: $3.99
Plastic Clay Roller
Our Price: $2.44
Flexible Non-Stick Reuseable Work Surface (5 pack) Flexible Non-Stick Reuseable Work Surface (10 pack) Flexible Non-Stick  Reuseable Work Surface (lg) Clay Keeper (Small) 2 oz capacity
Brass Brush Short Brass Brush w/ Plastic Handle Paint Brush (Flat-Pointed) Paint Brush (Fine-Pointed)
Brass Brush
Our Price: $9.95
Liner Brush (Mini) Copper Pickling Tweezers Tweezers Rubber Block, 2"x2"
Liner Brush (Mini)
Our Price: $3.99
Our Price: $2.48
Rubber Block, 2"x2"
Our Price: $5.49
Mini Files (Set of 12) Carbon-Steel Needls Files (Set of 10) Sandpaper [#600 Grit] Sandpaper [#1200 Grit]
Mini Files (Set of 12)
Our Price: $7.10
Sandpaper [#600 Grit]
Our Price: $1.20
Sandpaper [#1200 Grit]
Our Price: $2.15
Clear Storage Case with 10 compartments and Hang Strip Metal Ring Gauges Metal Graduated Ring Mandrel Rawhide Mallet
Metal Ring Gauges
Our Price: $10.58
Rawhide Mallet
Our Price: $18.00
Stainless Steel Brush (long bristle) Stainless Steel Brush (short bristle) Burnisher (metal) Wenol Metal Polish
Burnisher (metal)
Our Price: $12.45
Wenol Metal Polish
Our Price: $13.59
Polishing Cloth .999 FS straight flat metal Stamp .999FS Bent Shank Hallmark Ring Stamp Rubber Carving Sheet
Polishing Cloth
Our Price: $2.35
Rubber Carving Sheet
Our Price: $2.49