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This transparent enamel is formulated for use with copper, silver, or gold.
All of our enamels are lead free, COE 104 linear, size is 80 mesh powder.
Transparent Enamel for Effetre - This means our glass is suitable for application on silver clay and metal, not necessarily for applications onto other glass.
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Clear Enamel for Silver - 2 oz. Van Dyke Brown Enamel (2oz) Mars Brown Enamel (2oz) Lime Yellow Enamel (2oz)
Mars Brown Enamel (2oz)
Our Price: $8.80
Item # E-222 Item # E-201 Item # E-200 Item # E-202
Peppermint Green Enamel (2oz) Peacock Green Enamel (2oz) Copper Green Enamel (2oz) Sea Green Enamel (2oz)
Sea Green Enamel (2oz)
Our Price: $8.80
Item # E-203 Item # E-204 Item # E-205 Item # E-206
Aqua Blue Enamel (2oz) Water Blue Enamel (2oz) Prussian Blue Enamel (2oz) Rose Purple Enamel (2oz)
Aqua Blue Enamel (2oz)
Our Price: $9.65
Water Blue Enamel (2oz)
Our Price: $9.65
Item # E-207 Item # E-208 Item # E-209 Item # E-210
Concord Grape Purple Enamel (2oz) Soft Yellow Enamel (2oz) Turquoise Enamel (2oz) Sky Blue Enamel (2oz)
Soft Yellow Enamel (2oz)
Our Price: $14.80
Turquoise Enamel (2oz)
Our Price: $8.80
Sky Blue Enamel (2oz)
Our Price: $9.65
Item # E-211 Item # E-212 Item # E-213 Item # E-214
Manganese Purple Enamel (2oz) Geranium Pink Enamel (2oz) Mandarin Orange Enamel (2oz) Woodrow Red Enamel (2oz)
Woodrow Red Enamel (2oz)
Our Price: $14.80
Item # E-215 Item # E-216 Item # E-217 Item # E-218
Chestnut Brown Enamel (2oz) Nitric Blue Enamel (2oz) Egg Yellow Enamel (2oz) Harold Purple Enamel (2oz)
Egg Yellow Enamel (2oz)
Our Price: $14.80
Item # E-219 Item # E-225 Item # E-226 Item # E-227
Periwinkle Enamel (2oz) Raspberry Enamel (2oz) Mikado Orange Enamel (2oz) Sunset Red/Orange Enamel (2oz)
Periwinkle Enamel (2oz)
Our Price: $9.65
Raspberry Enamel (2oz)
Our Price: $16.50
Item # E-228 Item # E-229 Item # E-230 Item # E-224