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2mm Stone Setting Bur 3mm Stone Setting Bur 4mm Stone Setting Bur 5mm Stone Setting Bur
2mm Stone Setting Bur
Our Price: $2.99
3mm Stone Setting Bur
Our Price: $3.99
4mm Stone Setting Bur
Our Price: $4.99
5mm Stone Setting Bur
Our Price: $4.99
Item # F-064 Item # F-065 Item # F-066 Item # F-067
9-Piece Bit Set Agate Burnisher Baldwin's  Patina 1oz. Baldwin's  Patina 4oz.
9-Piece Bit Set
Our Price: $24.99
Agate Burnisher
Our Price: $9.99
Baldwin's Patina 1oz.
Our Price: $4.75
Baldwin's Patina 4oz.
Our Price: $9.99
Item # F-134 Item # R-036 Item # F-057 Item # F-056
Ball Tip Agate Burnisher Brass Brush Burnisher (metal) Carbon-Steel Needls Files (Set of 10)
Ball Tip Agate Burnisher
Our Price: $10.79
Brass Brush
Our Price: $11.95
Burnisher (metal)
Our Price: $12.45
Item # R-040 Item # F-010 Item # F-031 Item # F-021
Cross-Cut Cylinder Rotary Bur Double Ended Pin Vise ( Manual Hand Drill ) Drill Bit [1.0mm] Drill Bit [1.5mm]
Drill Bit [1.0mm]
Our Price: $4.47
Drill Bit [1.5mm]
Our Price: $3.33
Item # F-168 Item # F-048 Item # F-049 Item # F-050
Drill Bit [2.0mm] Large File - Medium Fine Grit Liver of Sulfur Patina Gel Mini Files (Set of 12)
Drill Bit [2.0mm]
Our Price: $4.28
Mini Files (Set of 12)
Our Price: $9.99
Item # F-051 Item # R-004 Item # F-035 Item # F-020
Short Brass Brush w/ Plastic Handle Stainless Steel Brush (long bristle) Stainless Steel Brush (short bristle) Stainless Steel Mixed Shape Shot (2lbs)
Item # F-011 Item # F-029 Item # F-030 Item # SH-01
Stone Setting Burs (4pk) Super Strong Micro Brush Thumler Rotary Tumbler
Stone Setting Burs (4pk)
Our Price: $15.99
Super Strong Micro Brush
Our Price: $14.99
Thumler Rotary Tumbler
Our Price: $140.99
Item # F-075 Item # F-276 Item # TU-01