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Mag-lock Copper Button Clasps - 2pr 18mm Copper Toggle Clasp w/ Twist Texture - 1pc 14mm Antique Copper Toggle Clasp w/ Flower Design- 1pc 20mm Antique Copper Toggle Clasp w/ Dotted Design- 1pc.
Item # K-208 Item # K-210 Item # K-212 Item # K-213
Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp (1pc) Silver Plated 14mm Washer Toggle 1 set Gunmetal 10mm Spiral Clasp 2pc Silver Plated 12x6mm Double Round Magnetic Clasp 1 set
Item # K-010 Item # K-125 Item # K-607 Item # K-134
Gunmetal 10x6mm Lobster Clasp, 10pc Silver Plated 18mm Texture Toggle 1pc Silver Plated 11x5mm Corrugated Oval Magnetic Clasp 1 set Gunmetal 16mm Clasp 2pc
Gunmetal 16mm Clasp 2pc
Our Price: $0.92
Item # K-614 Item # K-144 Item # K-135 Item # K-606
Silver Plated 10x6mm Lobster Clasp 10pc Silver Plated 21mm 3 Strand Slide Lock Tube 2pc Silver Plated 16mm 2 Strand Slide Tube Lock 2pc Silver Plated 3 Strand Clasp 5pc
Item # K-140 Item # K-107 Item # K-108 Item # K-112
Antique Silver 18x15mm Ring Toggle Clasps 1 set Silver Plated 20mm Wavy Toggle 1set Rhodium / Antique Silver Color 9x5mm Lobster Clasps 10pc Antique Silver 19x16mm Rose Flower Toggle Clasps 1set
Item # K-412 Item # K-124 Item # K-428 Item # K-410
Antique Silver 9.5mm Toggle 1pc Copper Textured 10mm Toggles - 2pc Gold Plated 10mm Lobster Clasp 5pc Gold Plated 15mm Wave Crest Toggle 1 set
Item # K-416 Item # K-230 Item # K-319 Item # K-329
Gold Plated 19x12mm Heart and Key Toggle 1 set Gold Plated 18mm Round Beaded Toggle 1 set Matte Gold Color 9x5mm Lobster Clasps 10pc Antique Brass 9x5mm Lobster Clasp 10pc
Item # K-330 Item # K-331 Item # K-708 Item # K-717
.925 Sterling Silver Magnetic Clasp, 1pc .925 Sterling Silver 11x6 Rope Edge Magnetic Clasp 1pc .925 Sterling Silver 7mm Flat Round Designed Magnetic Clasp 1pc .925 Sterling Silver 10x6mm Lobster Clasp 1pc
Item # K-843 Item # K-844 Item # K-845 Item # K-846
Gold Filled 10mm Plain Toggle 1 set Gold Filled 11mm Twisted Toggle - 1 set Antique Copper 9x5mm Lobster Clasp, 10pc Gold Filled 8.5mm Lobster Clasp No Ring 1pc
Item # K-921 Item # K-922 Item # K-534 Item # K-902
Gold Filled 8mm Lobster Clasp with Ring 1pc Gold Filled 5mm Spring Rings 2pc Gold Filled 6mm Spring Rings 2pc Gold Plated 18mm 2 Strand Slide Lock Tube Clasp 1pc
Item # K-901 Item # K-905 Item # K-906 Item # K-315