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Quartz Crystal Points - 20 pcs Oven Bake Clay Softener, 2oz Scratch Wire Brush Pretty Darn Nifty Tool
Scratch Wire Brush
Our Price: $4.59
Pretty Darn Nifty Tool
Our Price: $22.00
Item # XCF-002 Item # PS-232 Item # R-032 Item # CF-022
Gotta Have It Tool Can't Live Without It Tool Wow It's Awesome Tool Carbon Steel Non-Flexible Tissue Blade
Gotta Have It Tool
Our Price: $22.00
Wow It's Awesome Tool
Our Price: $22.00
Item # CF-020 Item # CF-019 Item # CF-018 Item # F-007
Hollow Bead Maker Sculpey Super Slicer Set with Comfort Handles Bead Baking Rack Sculpey Gloss Glaze 1oz
Hollow Bead Maker
Our Price: $15.99
Bead Baking Rack
Our Price: $14.99
Sculpey Gloss Glaze 1oz
Our Price: $5.99
Item # PR-324 Item # PR-310 Item # PS-210 Item # PS-209
Clay Conditioning Machine 8" Solid Acrylic Roller Liquid Clay Softener, 1oz Clay Mixing Ruler S/4
Clay Conditioning Machine
Our Price: $39.99
8" Solid Acrylic Roller
Our Price: $8.99
Clay Mixing Ruler S/4
Sale Price: $3.99
Item # PS-207 Item # PS-206 Item # PS-203 Item # MK-503
Assorted Aluminum Tubes/Rods Plastic Metric Graph Mat Mini Hinges
Mini Hinges
Our Price: $8.99
Item # F-226 Item # F-009 Item # CF-001