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"STERLING" Hallmark Stamp #11 Craft Blades - 5pc .999 FS straight flat metal Stamp .999FS Bent Shank Hallmark Ring Stamp
"STERLING" Hallmark Stamp
Our Price: $15.99
#11 Craft Blades - 5pc
Our Price: $2.99
Item # F-036 Item # F-002R Item # F-038 Item # F-040
5.5" Stainless Steel Swiss Blunt Tip Locking Tweezers 5.75" Stainless Steel Locking Economy Tweezers 6.25" Stainless Steel Medium Point Locking Tweezers 6.5" Stainless Steel Bent Nose Cross Locking Utility Tweezers
Item # TWE-010 Item # TWE-011 Item # TWE-013 Item # TWE-001
6.5" Stainless Steel Medium Point Tweezers Clay Keeper (Large) 4oz capacity Clay Keeper (Small) 2 oz capacity Clay Mister - 0.17 oz
Clay Mister - 0.17 oz
Our Price: $1.29
Item # TWE-008 Item # F-004 Item # F-008 F-053
Clear Storage Case with 10 compartments and Hang Strip Copper Pickling Tweezers Craft Knife Extra Fine Needle Tool
Craft Knife
Our Price: $3.99
Extra Fine Needle Tool
Our Price: $12.99
Item # F-024 Item # F-015 Item # F-002 Item # R-016
Flex Blade with Case - 6" Metal Clay Cutter / Scraper Metal Quilling Tool Nature's Touch Balm
Metal Quilling Tool
Our Price: $3.49
Nature's Touch Balm
Our Price: $7.95
Item # P-035 Item # CS-001 Item # R-017 Item # ET-04
Non-Stick Clay Roller Oval Bracelet Mandrel PasteMaker By Sherri Haab Plastic Clay Roller
Non-Stick Clay Roller
Our Price: $9.49
Oval Bracelet Mandrel
Our Price: $21.00
PasteMaker By Sherri Haab
Our Price: $11.95
Plastic Clay Roller
Our Price: $3.99
KBD-003 Non-stick roller Item # MAN-002 Item # F-315 Item # F-003
Plastic Pipette Pliers Project Transport Box Quilling Circle Sizer
Plastic Pipette
Our Price: $1.77
Our Price: $6.24
Project Transport Box
Our Price: $22.99
Quilling Circle Sizer
Our Price: $3.49
Item # F-114 Item # F-052 Item # F-312 Item # Q-003
Quilling Slotted Tool Rawhide Mallet Snake Roller Tweezers
Quilling Slotted Tool
Our Price: $4.49
Rawhide Mallet
Our Price: $18.00
Snake Roller
Our Price: $10.29
Our Price: $2.48
Item # Q-001 Item # F-028 Item # F-132 Item # F-016
Wire Cutters Wooden Bracelet Mandrel, 15 inches
Wire Cutters
Our Price: $5.99
Item # R-010 Item # MAN-001