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For whatever reason Art Clay World USA will no longer be carrying these products. Some are recently discontinued and some are extra stock we found in the back of products we used to carry a long time ago. We may have many or only a couple left in stock. Limited quantities available. Get them before they're gone!
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UV Resin Cleanser Wheat Grass Texture Mat Ivy Vine Texture Mat Celestial Bodies Texture Mat
UV Resin Cleanser
Our Price: $11.00
Wheat Grass Texture Mat
Sale Price: $2.00
Ivy Vine Texture Mat
Sale Price: $2.00
Roses Texture Mat Shells Texture Mat Conifer Texture Mat Leafy Border Texture Mat
Roses Texture Mat
Sale Price: $2.00
Shells Texture Mat
Sale Price: $2.00
Conifer Texture Mat
Sale Price: $2.00
Leafy Border Texture Mat
Sale Price: $3.00
Feather Texture Mat Rock Star Texture Mat Aloe Leaves Texture Mat Embellish Texture Mat
Feather Texture Mat
Sale Price: $3.00
Rock Star Texture Mat
Sale Price: $3.00
Aloe Leaves Texture Mat
Sale Price: $3.00
Embellish Texture Mat
Sale Price: $3.00
Positive Thoughts Texture Mat Bamboo Fence Texture Mat Floral Blocks Texture Mat Hope Texture Mat
Bamboo Fence Texture Mat
Sale Price: $3.00
Floral Blocks Texture Mat
Sale Price: $3.00
Hope Texture Mat
Sale Price: $3.00
Table Cloth Texture Mat Makin's Aluminum Ultimate Clay Extruder Discs - Set B Clay Mixing Ruler S/4 Teddy Bear Clay Cutter Set - 3pc
Table Cloth Texture Mat
Sale Price: $3.00
Clay Mixing Ruler S/4
Sale Price: $3.99
Ribbon Clay Cutter Set - 3 piece Santa Clay Cutter Set - 3pc. Snowman Clay Cutter Set - 3pc. Holly Leaf Clay Cutter Set - 3 piece
Ice Cream Cone Clay Cutter Set - 3 piece Butterfly Cutter Set - 3pc. Cake Clay Cutter Set - 3 piece Angel Clay Cutter Set - 3pc.
Baby Foot Clay Cutter Set - 3 piece Bell Clay Cutter Set - 3pc. Airplane Clay Cutter Set - 3 piece Numbers Clay Cutter Set S/9
Bugs Clay Cutter Set S /11 Children Clay Cutter Set S/7 Animal Clay Cutter Set S/12 Christmas Clay Cutter Set A
Christmas Cutter Set B S/9 Everyday Cutter Set S/9 Easter Cutter Set Texture Set C
Everyday Cutter Set S/9
Sale Price: $3.99
Easter Cutter Set
Sale Price: $3.99
Texture Set C
Sale Price: $2.99