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Enameling Glass
Dichroic glass is a glass substrate with a specialized, metallic oxide coating which is attached by vacuum deposition onto the surface of the glass. It is angstroms thick, and, when on clear glass, causes light to be split into a transmitted color and a reflected color. The transmitted color is listed first, then the reflected color. So, if the glass is listed as blue/gold, the transmitted color is blue (the color you see when the glass is held up in front of light) and the reflected color is gold (the color you see when light is reflected off the surface). If the dichroic coating is on black glass, it’s still listed as blue/gold, but you won’t see the blue color because there is no transmitted light through the black glass. If there is a texture on the glass, such as granite ripple or radium, the dichroic layer will always be on that side.
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Firing Fork Stainless Steel Wire Sifting Screen - 200 Mesh - 6" Small Fiberglass Brush Pencil Syle Glass Cutter
Firing Fork
Our Price: $26.99
Small Fiberglass Brush
Our Price: $6.95
Pencil Syle Glass Cutter
Our Price: $16.88
Pistol Grip Glass Cutter Self Oiling Grozier Pliers Inland 1.0mm Grinder Bit Kiln Safety Glasses
Grozier Pliers
Our Price: $9.95
Inland 1.0mm Grinder Bit
Our Price: $24.88
Kiln Safety Glasses
Our Price: $15.08
Sea Green Transparent Enamel (2oz) Turquoise Transparent Enamel (2oz) Glass Green Transparent Enamel (2oz) Nut Brown Opaque Enamel (2oz)
Willow Green Opaque Enamel (2oz) Mauve Opaque Enamel (2oz) Grape Opaque Enamel (2oz) Marigold Opaque Enamel (2oz)
Mauve Opaque Enamel (2oz)
Our Price: $19.10
Grape Opaque Enamel (2oz)
Our Price: $19.10
Dove Gray Opaque Enamel (2oz) Blue Gray Opaque Enamel (2oz) Victoria Opaque Enamel (2oz) CBS Scrap Dichroic on Black, 8oz bag, COE96