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Art Clay World, USA FlexiStamps, Low-Relief Patterns, flexiMold®, and FlexiShapes
are created and intended for artists to use all or part of our designs as they wish for their own artwork.
While our products are unique to Art Clay World USA,
the patterns and textures are free to be used as any maker would choose.
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Side Profile Owl flexiMold&reg Front Profile Owl flexiMold&reg Crocodile flexiMold&reg Resting Cat flexiMold&reg
Crocodile flexiMold®
Our Price: $12.00
Resting Cat flexiMold®
Our Price: $12.00
Item # FLX-300 Item # FLX-301 Item # FLX-302 Item # FLX-304
Sitting Cat flexiMold&reg Standing Cat flexiMold&reg Short Fish flexiMold&reg Long Fish flexiMold&reg
Sitting Cat flexiMold®
Our Price: $12.00
Standing Cat flexiMold®
Our Price: $12.00
Short Fish flexiMold®
Our Price: $12.00
Long Fish flexiMold®
Our Price: $12.00
Item # FLX-305 Item # FLX-306 Item # FLX-307 Item # FLX-308
Smooth Chameleon flexiMold&reg Spiked Chameleon flexiMold&reg Gecko flexiMold&reg Lizard flexiMold&reg
Gecko flexiMold®
Our Price: $12.00
Lizard flexiMold®
Our Price: $12.00
Item # FLX-309 Item # FLX-310 Item # FLX-311 Item # FLX-312
Frog flexiMold&reg Pig flexiMold&reg Guinea Fowl flexiMold&reg Extra Large Dragonfly flexiMold&reg
Frog flexiMold®
Our Price: $12.00
Pig flexiMold®
Our Price: $12.00
Guinea Fowl flexiMold®
Our Price: $12.00
Item # FLX-314 Item # FLX-315 Item # FLX-316 Item # FLX-317
Dragonfly flexiMold&reg Butterfly flexiMold&reg Rabbit flexiMold&reg Dragon Mold flexiMold&reg 3 Sizes
Dragonfly flexiMold®
Our Price: $12.00
Butterfly flexiMold®
Our Price: $12.00
Rabbit flexiMold®
Our Price: $12.00
Item # FLX-318 Item # FLX-319 Item # FLX-320 Item # FLX-321
Sea Horse Mold flexiMold&reg Gazelle in the Field flexiMold&reg
Item # FLX-322 Item # FLX-417