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Art Clay World, USA FlexiStamps, Low-Relief Patterns, FlexiMolds, and FlexiShapes
are created and intended for artists to use all or part of our designs as they wish for their own artwork.
While our products are unique to Art Clay World USA,
the patterns and textures are free to be used as any maker would choose.
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Egyptian Ankh flexiMold&reg Egyptian Ornamental Pendant flexiMold&reg Hamsa Hand flexiMold&reg Large Egyptian Ornamental Pendant flexiMold&reg
Egyptian Ankh flexiMold®
Our Price: $12.00
Hamsa Hand flexiMold®
Our Price: $12.00
Item # FLX-532 Item # FLX-514 Item # FLX-533 Item # FLX-515
Large Hamsa Hand flexiMold&reg Left Eye of Horus flexiMold&reg Open Eye flexiMold&reg Right Eye of Horus flexiMold&reg
Open Eye flexiMold®
Our Price: $12.00
Item # FLX-516 Item # FLX-511 Item # FLX-513 Item # FLX-512
Scarab Bottom flexiMold&reg Scarab Top flexiMold&reg Winged Scarab  flexiMold&reg
Scarab Bottom flexiMold®
Our Price: $12.00
Scarab Top flexiMold®
Our Price: $12.00
Winged Scarab flexiMold®
Our Price: $12.00
Item # FLX-535 Item # FLX-534 Item # FLX-536