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Silver Plated U-Shaped Cord Ends Gold Plated 5x5 Ribbon Crimp Ends 10pc Gold Filled Bead Tips 4pc Gold Plated 16x6mm Ribbon Crimp Ends 2pc
Item # K-104 Item # K-306 Item # K-9022 Item # K-307
Antique Gold Plated Bead Tips 10pc Antique Copper 26mm Ribbon Crimp Ends 2pc Gold Filled 3mm Hook and Eye 1 set Gold Filled 4mm Hook 1pc
Item # K-321 Item # K-515 Item # K-910 Item # K-908
Gold Filled 5mm Crimp Hook and Eye 1set Antique Copper 10x6mm Ribbon Crimp Ends 2pc Artistic Wire Mesh Clasps 10mm Silver 2 Sets Artistic Wire Mesh Clasps 10mm Gold 2 Sets
Item # K-903 Item # K-516 Item # K-145 Item # K-337
Artistic Wire Mesh Clasps 18mm Gold 2 Sets Silver Plated Crimp End 4mm ID - 2pc Silver Plated Crimp Cord End 3mm ID - 10pc
Item # K-338 Item # K-170 Item # K-169