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Art Clay Master Instructors

Art Clay Master Instructorship is the highest possible level of Instructorship available through Art Clay World USA, Inc. It is a great honor to be invited to this exclusive and elite level, and certainly not simple to reach or to maintain. The standard for Art Clay Masters is extremely high; it’s not enough to simply be a strong Art Clay artist or a skilled metal clay teacher. Art Clay Masters must be both artists and instructors of the highest caliber, and have very specific accomplishments and traits.

How do I become a Master Instructor?

Obviously, Art Clay Master Instructors are established, professional and dedicated Art Clay Instructors. Additionally, each Art Clay Master Instructor actually has a specialty above and beyond their general metal clay skills. Current Master Instructors include a world-glass enamellist, an expert glass artisan, a polymer clay guru, and an authority on base metal clays. Still, being an Art Clay Master is even more than what you work with or what you teach – it’s who you are. Those who have become Masters have also proven themselves to be exceptional ambassadors for Art Clay as a brand, and for metal clay as a medium.

There is a specific list of qualifications for those who become Art Clay Masters:

  • Must be an active Art Clay Senior Certifying Instructor for at least 3 years
  • Must earn consistently positive reviews through student surveys, teaching venues, conference workshops, and/or trade events
  • Must be an active, outspoken and recognizable advocate for Art Clay and for metal clay as an entire creative genre
  • Must have been published within industry books or periodicals
  • Each potential Art Clay Master must be approved by the current group of Art Clay Masters

Mastership is by invitation only. We at Art Clay World USA promise that those who meet all of the listed criteria above will be noticed, as we are in the unique position to observe Art Clay Instructors. We pay attention to who lists their workshops through our calendar, who participates in our own or other online metal clay forums, who attends Instructor Intensives, who leads Certifications, and who has written works published. And, trust us, we hear about our Instructors – good or bad (especially if someone has a negative experience, because people tend to tell many more people than if they had a great time, especially online!)

There is no one specific path to Mastership. There is no formal application. We actually discourage contacting Art Clay World USA to specifically request promotion. It’s just not necessary. At the risk of sounding creepy, well, we’re already watching!

Once a Master, Always a Master…?

When an Instructor is promoted to Mastership, it is not a guaranteed permanent title. Art Clay Masters continue to earn their place, mostly by continuing to do what they’ve already done to have earned their advancement. There is a specific Continuing Credentials Program (CCP) that Art Clay Masters follow, which is modeled after the state and federal platforms used by teachers’ organizations. Master Instructors are expected to be and to remain well-rounded, which is supported by the annual CCP requirements. Part of inviting an Instructor to Mastership includes disclosure of the complete Continuing Credentials Program, including expectations, categories, specific opportunities, and forms. All Art Clay Master Instructors agree to participate in the program at the time they accept Mastership.

If, at any time, and for any reason, a Master Instructor chooses, they may step down from Mastership. There are a small number of Art Clay Masters in Emeritus, who are recognized again as Art Clay Senior Instructors. Regardless of their reason for relinquishing their title – family, health, relocation, personal choice – these former Art Clay Masters have been wonderful assets to Art Clay and are still Instructors at the level and involvement of their choosing.

If you would like to become an Art Clay Certified Instructor, please give us a call to set up a certification class for you! Classes can be run at almost any time you would like.